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Roses, how much beauty they bring to the garden, fragrant roses with that beautiful scent. The climbing and rambling roses that cover many walls and fences. The red, yellow, white, pink and purple flowers that provide a dazzling display of colour in the early summer to late autumn months. There are roses to grow in containers beds or borders and roses to provide cuttings so that the flowers can be enjoyed indoors.

Roses the most beautiful flower to many people. Found only in the northern hemisphere the genus Rosa. It is difficult to think of them as shrubs, but that is their origin. This species distribution is in four regions America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Roses are thought to have grown in the wild millions of years ago. Browse this roses site for information and pictures of roses, rose meanings, growing roses, pruning roses, types of roses, cut roses and rose names. There are pictures of roses, white, yellow, pink and red roses.

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There are modern and old roses. Dwarf, floribunda, hybrid tea and miniature roses are considered to be modern and alba, bourbon, boursault, centifolia, China, damask, hybrid perpetual, noisette, Portland, rugosa, and tea are considered to be old fashioned roses.

A popular gift on Valentines Day is red roses 12 red roses are a very popular romantic flower gift to give to that very special person.

An antique rose like the American beauty is a wonderful pink rose.

Bare root roses of which there are hundred of varieties are popular, and they are usually cheaper to buy from a nursery.

The blue moon rose is an excellent rose of lilac and mauve flowers. The plant is upright and strong with a nice fragrance.

A bouquet of roses is a lovely gift to give to someone and it will provide great joy.

Alexandra bush roseBush roses include hybrid teas and floribundas and the Alexandra rose produces masses of brightly coloured flowers. It is good for hedging and can be used as a low climber. The picture shows an Alexandra rose in full bloom.

The care of roses is an important gardening task and to produce the best from these lovely plants and flowers careful pruning is required.

Carpet roses have a long flowering period which takes them well into winter and they repeat bloom which is very nice. Carpet roses require minimal pruning. These roses are probably the most widely grown roses in North America.

The Charlotte rose is an English rose of medium yellow, it has a strong fragrance and flowering is repeat. The foliage of the Charlotte rose is semi/glossy and can be used in borders, as cut flowers and in flower beds.

Climbing rosesClimbing roses such as the Handel rose look wonderful when climbing up a wall or trellis. Climbing roses can completely transfer an old wall into something beautiful. This is shown in the climbing roses picture.

Cut roses such as the pink Gertrude Jekyll are a knockout being vivid pink and opening to rosette; they are long lasting and have a strong scent. A knockout cut rose...

The Eglantine rose is native to Europe and western Asia; it is a deciduous shrub with foliage that has a strong apple like scent. The five petals are pink with a white base and yellow stamens.

Floribunda bush roses produce many blooms in clusters on each stem. The floribunda make very colourful displays and some of the more abundant petal ones are good for cutting and almost flower continually from June until late September. These plants should last for many years.

Fragrant rosesFragrant roses, English roses are renowned for their fragrances. These include myrrh, musky, fruity, tea rose as well as the classic old rose scent. Some of the best English fragrant roses are: Brother Cadfael, a rich old Bourbon fragrance. Evelyn rose, fragrance like an old rose but smelling like peaches and apricots. Gertrude Jekyll a strong old rose scent. The pink rose picture shows a fragrant English Brother Cadfael rose.

Golden wedding rose has deep golden yellow flowers. Growth is strong and healthy and there are superb clusters of fragrant golden yellow blooms all summer long. The Golden wedding rose is very attractive and would make an ideal gift.

Growing roses, roses are best grown in an open well ventilated area, without too much shade. Sunlight is needed for at least three quarters of the day, this should provide enough light for a healthy plant. Roses growing in the shade tend to end up with many problems; roses need to be correctly pruned; well fed and given enough water when needed. Feeds such as bonemeal or well rotted mulches will do what is required...

Heirloom roses are romantic with intoxicating scents. These hardy plants have survived hundreds of years. The heirloom roses are easy to grow and becoming more available. Many old varieties flower only once, but they have an abundance of blooms and great fragrances. These roses have been around for a long time.

How to grow roses; roses are easy to grow but it is important that the rose gets enough sunlight. Plant the rose where there is sunlight for at least six hours per day if possible. If you are replacing… Hybrid tea roses are a cross between hybrid perpetual and old fashioned tea roses. These roses are the most popular rose in the world. Hybrid teas have all the virtues you look for in a flower: beauty, fragrance and easy care.
Iceberg rose
Iceberg roses are a floribunda, free flowering white with lovely foliage. This iceberg flower makes an excellent hedge, the scent is like musk. The picture shows the white Iceberg rose flower.

Long stem roses have an elegant appearance. A classic symbol for love, long stemmed red roses has become a popular choice for romantic occasions. They are available in a variety of other colours They are ideal for presentation in a vase and are popular as a cut rose that are used in flower arrangements.

Peace rose The Peace rose is the most famous rose. Many millions of these plants have been sold. A hybrid tea that has very large flowers and the colour is a light yellow to cream. Sweetly scented, it a healthy and vigorous plant, with rich green glossy foliage. The Peace rose makes a knockout rose bush. The picture is of a Peace rose, the beautiful colours and petals of this rose can be clearly seen.

Pictures of roses, many rose pictures can be found in the red, white, yellow, purple and pink roses picture galleries on this site.

Pictures of Roses - Pink roses pictures there are many pink roses pictures in the pink rose gallery.

Pruning roses, there are three reasons for pruning, to maintain shape, to keep the rose plant nice and healthy and to increase flowering. Depending on the type of rose it may need pruning in the spring or later in the year…

Pictures of Roses - Purple roses pictures there are many purple roses pictures in the purple rose gallery.

Pictures of Roses - Red roses pictures there are many red roses pictures in the red rose gallery.

Single red rose for that romantic gift, on a birthday, anniversary or on Valentines Day.

Types of roses, there are three classification types of roses, old roses, modern roses and wild roses. There are within these three groups many categories…

Pictures of Roses - White roses pictures, there are many white roses pictures in the white rose gallery.

Pictures of Roses - Yellow roses pictures, there are many yellow roses pictures in the yellow rose gallery.

Yellow roses, white roses, red roses, pink roses, purple roses and many shades in between can often be seen in rose gardens. All these colours can be seen at a nursery, usually as one type or another of rambling, bush, patio, tea, old, climbing, shrub and miniature roses. The pictures of roses gallery showms many types of roses.

Pictures of roses and rose information Looking for great pictures of roses, then have a look in the roses pictures gallery. Rose photos and rose pictures many different picture of roses. White rose images, yellow rose photo, red rose picture and pink images of roses.

Beautiful valentines day roses such as a romantic red rose. Bouquets of roses are very pretty, in colours of red, pink, white. Red rose pictures and rose flower pictures can be seen in the red roses pictures gallery. There are are a great many different types of roses, climbing roses and shrubs roses in all different colours. The climbing roses produce a knockopuit display of colour and smell.

Roses images and roses photos of shrub roses are another popular image of rose. There is a great collection of picture of roses and rose information that can be found here. If you are looking for ideas for rose plants in the garden then have a look at the rose image and rose pics gallery. Red rose pictures, rose flower pictures and Valentine day roses can be seen in the red roses pictures gallery.

In this pictures of roses web site there are sections on rose care, information on rose disease, maintenance and pruning, and many beautiful pictures of roses. There are many pictures of roses to be found, romantic red roses. See the rose petal in all its glory, the red roses, white roses, pink roses and yellow roses. Old fashioned, climbing, rambling and English roses that make such a knockout rose garden.

Roses play an important part in many gardens, the choice of roses to have in the rose garden is vast, from shrub roses, climbing, rambler, miniature, old English all in an array of colours such as purple, pink, red, white and yellow. Rose petals are popular at weddings, and a rose bouquet provides a knockout display of colour. There are many drawings of roses, a single red rose being a popular one.